Michael Porter

I grew up on a farm and cattle ranch in northern California. I spent two years in volunteer work in South America. I came back and married my beautiful wife. I became a master cabinet maker. We had children in the ensuing years. Babies are wonderful people, and children as they grow, though challenging to deal with, are a bright spot in my life.

We then moved back to South America to have a cattle ranch, which turned into an eco-tourism resort instead, where I discovered that being a wilderness guide was something I was good at, and getting to know lots of people and keeping them safe was enjoyable.

After ten years living among native peoples in the Amazon jungle, I moved back along with my family to the United States and began the long awaited process of becoming a licensed counselor.

My wife and I became foster parents, and are now have eight wonderful children, four of whom are adopted. Challenging, but rewarding. We wouldn't have it any other way.

As a substance use disorder counselor with Sorenson's, I meet regularly with the students in my care, and also with groups of students, both boys and girls, who do not seem to learn in the same way as do the majority. Once a week we do experiential learning outings, which are enjoyed by the students as well as me.