About The Area

Sorenson's Ranch School is located on a ranch with a working farm in the beautiful central Utah mountain country of Koosharem, Utah. The school and ranch is situated in an open wilderness area at a 7,000 foot elevation. The ranch is surrounded by panoramic views of a serene mountainous land painted with Pinion Pine, Cedar, and Quaking Aspen trees, mixed with various hues of red, brown and yellow rocks. The surrounding valley is three miles wide and 14 miles long. Five small canyon streams lace the hills teeming with beaver ponds and trout. Other wildlife is often seen hiding in the brush or grazing in the hillside.

Students are able to farm and work with animals. It is often therapeutic for troubled youth to care for, nurture, and create bonds with animals.

Sorenson's "big wilderness" setting supports our treatment philosophy of creating positive opportunities using a variety of therapeutic approaches, educational experiences and experiential learning in the out-of-doors to build self esteem, nurture appropriate behaviors, and teach acceptance of responsibility. Finding themselves in such unfamiliar settings often causes troubled teens to lower their guard, which allows therapists and counselors to work with them on issues previously unreachable. The School's wilderness and work programs instill in its students the values of loyalty, respect, self worth, personal management, and respect for property, cleanliness, and trustworthiness.

Sorenson's Ranch School features a classroom complex, an industrial arts center with three shops, a gym, a fine arts classroom, and a library. As a residential treatment center Sorenson's Ranch not only helps students change their actions, but can also assist with graduation and learning. There are also individual counseling offices, group rooms, a kitchen, infirmary, a game room, animal/tack facilities, playing fields, hiking trails, barn, riding corrals, and the lodge, which houses a multipurpose room for dining and activities.

Student housing is in rustic cabins and dorms which lend themselves to the rural outdoor wilderness setting. Each student adds their own personal touch to the room by decorating with personal effects. There is an average of four students to a room with connecting restrooms.

Sorenson's Ranch prides itself on providing the very best help for troubled teens. As a school for troubled teens Sorenson's has the experience necessary to help your child. Sorenson's Ranch is similar to a camp for troubled teens or a troubled teen boot camp. The difference between Sorenson's Ranch and so many other facilities is our experience, staff, learning environment, and our love for helping teenagers.

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