Meet Our Staff

Sorenson's Ranch School is a fully-staffed residential program developed to serve adolescents and their families with consistent therapeutic interventions. The straightforward approach is a longer-term-cost-effective program that can provide a firm set of parameters with a caring group of staff. Sorenson's Ranch students stay from 9-16 months, according to each student's needs.

The therapeutic staff includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, and clinicians with expertise in reactive attachment disorder, grief, antisocial tendencies, family dynamics, substance abuse, and sexual abuse issues. Working with these professionals are over 40 trained childcare specialists.

The education department consists of a school counselor, a certified special education teacher who serves students with mild to moderate disabilities, and educators certified with emphasis in both core and elective classes.

The medical department has a nurse and EMTs, who work closely together to coordinate services for all students' needs.

As a working cattle ranch, we also have expert horsemen, who are in charge of the Horsemanship and 4-H programs.

Administrative Staff

Jill Sorenson
Chief Executive Officer
Stone Sorenson
Chief Operations Officer
Layne Bagley
Program Director
Mindy Talbot
Facilities Director

Therapy Department

Summer Woolsey
Clinical Director
Jeremy Woolsey
Group Facilitator
Amberlee Ellett
Therapist, CMHC
Tad Draper
Brady McDonald
Therapist, LCSW

Education Department

Ross Franks
Penny Christensen
Scott Christensen
Rhonda Bagley
Angie Crose
Keaton Adams
Marie Bratek
Cliff Green
Kevin Hansen

Medical Department

Jeff Hatch
Med. Dept. Supervisor
Lisa Jensen
EMT/Nursing Dept. Assistant
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